Friday, 23 March 2018

I renovated my both dry and wet kitchen


My mom died due to Lung Cancer last year.  Despite the sorrow,  I know she would want me to 

move on and continue to live. 

So, October 2017 I've decided to do a minor renovation and hoped this would make my hands full. I 

renovated both dry and wet kitchen area. I pray for the blessed Ramadhan soon. yes gonna be 

preparing food for buka puasa with my family too. Can't wait!
- Love you mom -

I thank god for the rezeki alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

New Addition To The Fam! Welcome Home Isabella!


Yes Chinese New Year has gone by many weeks ago!

Today I received an unexpected text from my designer. Alhamdulillah my dining table is ready and will be delivered to my house this Saturday Insyallah. We've been using meja lipat a.k.a banquet table for dining since December 2017. It was not bad at all. Thank you meja lipat!

Oh yes I named her Isabella!

Till then xoxo

See ya dolls!

Oh Hello From George too!

He was perfectly done last Friday and Isabella will be such a good companion :D with #romeisnotbuiltinaday. 

I'm happy with the blessing and rezeki from the Al Mighty. Alhamdulillah