Monday, 19 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018

Hai dolls!

Hows holiday so far? Ate lots of Tangerine?  I usually don't go anywhere during festive season due to zero tolerance  toward heavy traffic. At such I rather stay at home and cook my family favorite dishes. Oh yes I did text my neighbor and Marissa's Teachers yang celebrate Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Gong Xi. 

Now, I wanted to upload a few photos after the first paragraph  then I realized ala! Gambar all in my phone! Oh! this is a solid reason why many don't blog anymore! Rather use Instagram! Okey lah  till I transfer some photos to my computer, this posts shall stop here. 

Back to work people! xoxo


Ular Menyusur Akar said...

Lama tak jenggah. Apa khabar Pearl?

Ms Pearl said...

Khabar baik :D
thank you for asking.
how are you my friend?