Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Raya 2019

life has its ups and down gituh!

This morning I ran into this cool IG (kids performing acoustic music for events).  I quickly fell in love with this song " Just the Two of Us!"

Oh yes! Marissa will be entering secondary school pretty soon! 

My daughter and I always talk about romantic wedding with minimal invitees (close friends siblings and relatives).  I just can't wait for the actual big day to come. May Allah bless me and family with health and rezeki Amin YRA!

For those who are still celebrating Syawal (tho it has over for few days now) udah udah la tu heheheheheh life goes on brotha! hahahaha 

This year raya as I wrote up there ? has been like a roller- coaster (drama air mata pilu happy arghh you name it) but it's okey! think of other people who might not have the opportunity to even celebrate Syawal. Alhamdulillah is the magic word here...

you want some photos to view?

Okey lah! let me see what I have in the store! okey?

I know right? My family and I were just being "why the hell not" with this Durian on our dining table on first day of Syawal heheheheh - remember? alhamdulillah

Must have!  

After 4 days celebrating Syawal, relatives came to visit and I decided to cook usual dishes served with rice and of coz Raya dishes with nasi impit! :D

I pray to Allah SWT for more rezeki and  grant me with great health so I can once again berpuasa and berhari raya with my dear family members and friends!

Amin YRA.....

xoxoxoxo - Ms Pearl!

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Sheila Arshad said...

by the way hun...both of you are talking about whose "romantic wedding"? Yours or Mars? ahahha